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Unlock your team's global possibilities: hire without borders with our EOR service.

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Hire without borders!

We not only handle recruitment but also offer various hiring modalities, allowing you to provide each collaborator with the most competitive and benefits-aligned employment arrangement anywhere in the world.

Global and Multicurrency Payroll

We ensure accurate payment management in various currencies and locations, so your team receives appropriate compensation, regardless of their location.

Unparalleled Onboarding Experience

We accompany your remote or external team in every phase of their initial experience, ensuring an authentic connection from the beginning.

Comprehensive Legal and Fiscal Advisory

We provide solid legal backing and comprehensive tax advisory for the team, along with support in administrative processes, ensuring commitment and retention.

Why choose us?

We empower businesses and careers. Choosing us is the key to extraordinary results.

Hire employees abroad

Simplify the legal setup

Work with global professionals

Manage your remote teams

Reach new markets, reducing risks

areas of expertise

  • Banking and Insurance
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Legal and Tax
  • Engineering and Telecommunications
  • Energy and Oil
  • Human Resources
  • Industry and Supply Chain
  • Fashion, Luxury, and Retail
  • Technology and Digital Ecosystem
  • Pharmaceuticals, Health, and Biotechnology
  • Agribusiness
  • Commercial and Marketing
  • Real Estate, Construction, and Infrastructure
  • Services
  • Turnaround and Restructuring

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We deeply value the stable, long-term relationship we have built, based on respect and a shared commitment to growth and success.

Guillermo Güerci

Commercial and Financial Manager | GSM Tech

We were treated with warmth and attention, creating a welcoming atmosphere and fostering a positive experience for everyone involved.

Fernanda Reichert

People and Culture Manager | PagBrasil

INHAUS conscientiously and timely fulfilled the agreed-upon obligations. I would like to emphasize their extremely flexible, complex, and professional approach to work.

Marta Bąkowska

Senior Software Team Lead | Future Processing

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